Executive Committee Members

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Daphne Pillai

Name:            Dr. Daphne Pillai

Designation:   Founder President

Dr. Daphne Pillai is the co-founder of the Pillai Group of Institutions and Chairperson, Management Board, Mahatma Education Society.  She holds a doctorate in English Literature from Mumbai University. She is well travelled and has is a deep understanding of the socio-economic issues affecting women and girls. She has initiated and implemented several projects for the upliftment of women including a literacy drive for women in slums.

Celina Joy
Name:             Dr. Celina Joy


Designation:    President

Dr. Celina Joy is a Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has a Ph.D in Management from Mumbai University. She teaches Accounts & Finance to students pursuing management courses. She believes in the limitless possibilities of team work and positive action to help women, irrespective of their social status, to become achievers in their respective area of work.

Preeti Pawar
Name:             Ms. Preeti Pawar

Designation:    Secretary

Ms. Preeti Pawar is a Post graduate in English and Education and works as an Asst. Professor in Mahatma Junior College of Education. Her young and energetic persona and positive outlook to life has helped her face many challenges in life and overcome them. She is a strong believer in education for all and has been working towards this cause since many years. Her interest mainly lies in education of the girl child.

Namrata Saxena

Name:             Ms. Namrata Saxena

Designation:    Program Action Co-ordinator

Namrata Saxena is a NET, SET qualified Assistant Professor of Education at a reputed college in Mumbai. She has a Master’s degree in Chemistry and in Education from Mumbai University. She is a people’s person and loves to work with people, for people. Having worked with a school internationally, teaching students from 79 nationalities, she sees world with multiple perspectives and appreciates diversity in humanity. She believes in emancipation of women from rigid barriers in the society through education; to empower them and ensure them a better living. With her association in this club, she strives to do the best to work towards woman upliftment in the society.

Mamta Anil Patil
Name:             Ms. Mamta Anil Patil

Designation:    Treasurer

Mamta Anil Patil is a member/counselor for professional courses of Engineering, Architecture & Management and teaches students pursuing the B.Ed. degree. She has an M.Ed degree from Mumbai University. She loves interacting with women and is proactive towards their causes especially in the field of education.

Benita Choytooa
Name:             Ms. Benita Choytooa

Designation:    Club Extension Officer

Ms. Benita Choytooa works as an Admissions and Administration Officer at a Global School. She is passionate about working on various aspects of child welfare and actively promotes education. Her mission is to serve humanity and work for the upliftment of the poor in society while motivating others to do the same.

Sunita Jain
Name:             Ms. Annamma Paul

Designation:    Membership Officer

Mrs. Annamma Paul is the Principal of a Secondary School and Junior College. A recipient of Mayor Award [Greater Mumbai], she has a teaching experience of 34 years. She is a postgraduate in Chemistry and Education. She is passionate about women empowerment and various other social causes. She believes in bringing a smile to every face in the world.

Yvette Lee

Name:             Ms. Yvette Lee

Designation:    President Elect

Yvette Lee works as a Counsellor and a professional Social Worker. She has a Masters degree in Social Work, a diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling and has completed a course in Crisis Intervention Counselling.  She is interested in community service which is aimed at bringing about social change in our present structure. She is a feminist by heart and her interest lies in women issues and equality of rights.

Dr. Reni Francis

Name:             Dr. Reni Francis

Designation:    Immediate Past President

Dr. Reni Francis has a Masters degree in Education and is a teacher by profession. She is dedicated to the causes associated with women and the girl child and works hard for their upliftment. She believes in the immense potential of women and feels that they must be encouraged to fulfil their role in society.


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