1. Year End Meeting 2013
  2. SI-Achiever Award
  3. NASI AGM, 2012
  4. Visitors from Germany
  5. Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
  6. Felicitation of Soroptimist Sisters
  7. Inauguration Of Soroptimist Website
  8. Visiting Rajiv Rajan Adhar Ghar
  9. Community Service Day 2012
  10. Food Mela
  11. Visit by Michele Neider
  12. The International Youth Forum
  13. Community Service Day 2011
  14. NASI of India - AGM 2009
  15. Project - WATER
  16. Horizon Of Art
  17. Cardiff


Visiting the old age home Rajiv Rajan Adhar Ghar


Community Service Day 2012


Fund raising activity - Food Mela



Visit by Michele Neider


The International Youth Forum


Community Service Day 2011


NASI of India - AGM 2009


Project – WATER



Horizon Of Art







Inauguration of Soroptimist Website..


Health, Hygiene and Sanitation


Felicitation of Soroptimist Sisters


Visitors from Germany

Visit and lunch with our Soroptimist Sister from Germany, Ms. Dogmar von Mallinkrod on 30th September, 2012


NASI AGM, 2012

Our Club members at the NASI Annual General Body Meeting


SI- Achiever Award

Dr. Daphne Pillai our founder President was awarded the SI- Achiever Award by NASI in December, 2012


Year End Meeting 2013


“Spreading happiness... the Soroptimist way..."