Projects 2014 - 2015 / Events

  2. Project - Joy of Giving @ Panvel
  3. World Aids Day 2014
  4. Overall SIGBI Programme Action Awards 2014
  5. International Day of the Girl Child 2014
  6. International Literacy Day 2014
  7. Joy of Giving Week 2014
  8. International Conference - Women Lead to Change
  9. Visit to Sadhana Vidyalaya for the Deaf
  10. Election 2014-16
  11. Adventure Camp for the underprivileged children
  12. Visit to Chaitanya
  13. Spreading International Goodwill & Understanding

Spreading International Goodwill & Understanding

It was a privilege to welcome SIGBI President Elect, Jenny Vince on her maiden visit to India. Five members from Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur had the wonderful opportunity of meeting her on 13th February and shared some of the activities undertaken by the Chembur Club. She was very impressed with the Adult Literacy Drive Project which was being conducted by the Club with an aim of teaching basic literacy skills to twenty underprivileged women from the slum areas near Chembur. The interaction concluded with the members of the Chembur Club assuring jenny of our full support and co-operation and wishing her every success in all her future endeavors.

We also had a special guest from SI Germany, Beate Haimerl-Neubauer, who was very lively and shared some of her thoughts on Soroptimism. She also expressed a special interest in the Adult Literacy Project.


Our members had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Dr. Nina Smart of SWF International on 17th April 2013. She shared some information about the complexities of dealing in an non-violent manner with human rights violations in Sierra Leone. All our members were inspired by her immense contribution towards the welfare of women in Sierra Leone especially in advocating the abolishment of FGM. She spoke passionately about the issue, made a presentation on powerpoint and interacted with all the members.

Our members were happy to meet Dr. Smart and exchange ideas and views and work towards spreading international goodwill through such interactions.


Visit to Chaitanya

Some of the SIBC members visited "Chaitanya" a home for the aged at Khopoli in April 2014. The visit was co-ordinated by Mrs. Seeta Desai & Celina Joy. This home is run by Mrs. Leena Deosthalee, a prominent social worker. The SIBC members spent time interacting with the inmates of the home and put up some performances for them.

Adventure Camp for the underprivileged children

Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur along with the Pillai group of institutions conducted an adventure camp and excursion at Franav Farms on 22nd April 2014 for the underprivileged and poor children from the slums of Govandi. This activity was co-ordinated by the Don Bosco Balprafulta's Balsanghathan (Govandi). These children were treated to a day of fun and adventure as they participated in the various activities of rock climbing, ropeway, monkey bars etc. They were also provided with transportation to and from the venue and were treated to sumptuous food and snacks. The children enjoyed the day and it was a very fulfilling and satisfying to see their happy faces as they were bid goodbye. This activity was conducted by Dr. Daphne Pillai, Celina Joy & Yvette Lee from SIBC.

Election 2014-16

The Office Bearers of Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur Club for the year 2014-16 were unanimously elected at the Annual General Body meeting in April 2014. Ms. Parveen Arif, the immediate past President handed over charge to the new President, Dr. Reni Francis, for the term 2014-16 in the presence of the Founder President, Dr. Daphne Pillai and other members. A review of the activities conducted in the last two years (2012-14) was presented through a power point presentation by the earlier Executive Committee members.

Visit to Sadhana Vidyalaya for the Deaf

SIBC organised a visit to Sadhana Vidyalaya for the Deaf on 20th June, 2014. SIBC members, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Ms. Seeta Desai, Dr. Jayashree Ramathan and Yvette Lee reached the School at around 2 pm and spent a wonderful afternoon with the students. The event was attended by 75 students from the English, Hindi & Marathi medium and 25 teachers of the school. The event began by a short introductory talk by Ms. Seeta Desai which was followed by the presentation of a cheque to Saaniya Jadhav, a student, whose education SIBC has been sponsoring for the last 3 years. This was followed by the felicitation of rankholder students from Classes 1 to 10. These ten students were presented with gift wrapped water sippers. The audience cheered for all these winners and it was a motivating experience for all of them. After the felicitation ceremony, snacks were distributed and the movie 'Lion King' was screened for the students. The students enjoyed the movie and had a wonderful time. Mrs. Shelar, the Principal of the school, thanked the members of SIBC and appreciated their efforts to spread happiness and cheer in the lives of these disadvantaged students.The program was coordinated by Ms. Seeta Desai, Ms. Celina Joy and Ms. Yvette Lee.

International Day of the Girl Child 2014

We celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child was celebrated with a talk by a prominent social worker Dr. Smita Desai , Founder of the organization, Drishti and a Poster exhibition at Dr. K M Vasudevan Pillai Campus on 10th October 2014. The students of the 7 campuses of the Pillai group prepared innovative and creative posters on the theme of the girl child with a view of spreading the message of GENDER SENSITIZATION and AWARENESS. These were displayed at the Campus and thousands of students visited the Poster exhibition.

The function started with a short cultural programme by the management students of the Campus followed by the talk by Dr. Desai which was very interactive and motivating. She challenged the students to make catchy slogans on the inequality faced by girls in society and encouraged each student to play an active role by being conscious of their behaviour and attitudes towards women in general. More than 500 students and faculty members attended the function.

After the talk, Dr. Desai inaugurated the Poster Exhibition and declared the three best posters which were students of the Mahatma School of Academics and Sports, Khanda Colony. Three consolation prizes were won by the architecture and management students of the Panvel Campus. This exhibition will then be carried to the campuses at Sector 8, Khanda Colony and Rasayani Campus to spread the message to all the students of the various campuses.

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations. The observation supports more opportunity for girls, and increases awareness of inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. This inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination and violence.

This event was co-ordinated by Soroptimist member Dr. Celina Joy.

International Literacy Day 2014

We celebrated the International Literacy Day with a talk at Mahatma Education Society’s Chembur Campus, on 20th September 2014. The speakers were Ms Annette Mascarenhas, President and Councillor NASI of India, a lawyer and active social worker and Mr Dyaneshwar Tarawade, Programme Head – Advocacy APNALAYA Day Care Centre, Govandi Mumbai, an organization building self-sustaining communities since 1973.

Over 100 members gathered in the multipurpose hall in the ground floor of Mahatma Education Society’s Chembur Campus. B.Ed students of Pillai College of Education and Research attended the programme. The session was interactive and the resource persons connected well with the audience and kept them rapt in attention.

Mr. Dyneshwar focussed his talk on generating awareness about the importance of Literacy to the poor and oppressed women and girls living in the slums of India. He appealed the audience to join in the cause and educate such women in their own capacity wherever and whenever possible. His talk truly sensitised the young gathering to be active citizens towards the cause of educating the poor women in the society.

The second speaker Ms Annette Mascarenhas read out her paper where she explained the significance of International Literacy Day, its importance and how it impacted societies over the world. She spoke about the importance and advantages of literacy and education for women and how an educated woman will educate her family leading to an educated society that will march on to the path of progress and a welfare state.

September 8, was proclaimed ‘International Literacy Day’ by UNESCO on November 17, 1965. It’s an international observance day and it was first celebrated in 1966. This observation reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally. It aims to raise public awareness of the extraordinary value of the written word and of the necessity to promote a literate society.

This event was co-ordinated by SIBC member Dr. Lata Krishnan.

International Conference - Women Lead to Change

SIBC Soroptimist International of Bombay Chembur played hosts and organized a fellowship dinner and an international conference in association with National Association of Soroptimist International of India – NASI India to celebrate the momentous occasion of celebrating 40 years of Soroptimist International in India and 25 years of NASI India.
The fellowship dinner was organized at the Regenza Tunga Vashi on 27 September, 2014.Soroptimists from various Clubs of India were present for the occasion. The Executive Committee Meeting was followed by a cultural programme and a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the joyous occasion.
The International Conference was organized on Sunday, 28th September 2014 at Dr. K M Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Panvel.
The theme of the Conference was “Women Lead to Change” The sub-themes were:
Women Lead to Change - Human Rights and Status of Women and Girls
Women Lead to Change - Leadership - Economic and Social Development
Women Lead to Change – International Goodwill Peace and Understanding
Women Lead to Change - Education and Culture for Women and Girls
Women Lead to Change - Good Health and Food Security for Women and Girls
Women Lead to Change – Environment Sustainability.
The panel of speakers comprised of Anusha Santhirasthipam International Assistant Programme Director of Soroptimist International from 2011 – 2013, Dr. Daphne Pillai Chairperson, Management Board, Mahatma Education Society, Dr. Sally Enos, Principal Pillai College of Education and Research, New Panvel, Talat Pasha Assistant Programme Director Economic Empowerment Soroptimist International, Ashok Mehta Ex-Executive Director HPCL and Dr. Armida Fernandez Ex-Dean of Sion Medical College and Founder President of NGO Sneha.
To initiate the ‘Go Green NASI India Project’ and to commemorate 40 years of SI in India and 25 years of NASI India three trees were planted on this occasion (one tree for fruit, one for beauty (flowers) and one for shade) by NASI President Annette Mascarenhas with the NASI India members.
The conference concluded with NASI Development Officer Anu Wakhlu conducting a brief leadership training exercise. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and each one of them were enriched by the high quality of talks.
“If it has to be, it must start with me”

Joy of Giving Week 2014

The members of SIBC organized a Jumble Sale at the Pillai Campus at Chembur from the 7th to 9th of October 2014 to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week.

The SIBC members collected used clothes, shoes, jewelry, curtains, and other household articles and put it up for sale at very marginal prices of Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 per item. More than 500 people from the nearby poor localities visited the Campus and took maximum benefit from this Sale.

On the last day of the Jumble Sale, there was a meeting of SIBC members in the Conference Room. SIBC member, Annamma Paul presented Dr. Daphne Pillai, the Founder President SIBC and Dr. Reni Francis, current Presidant SIBC with cash of Rs. 10,000 collected from the Newspaper Drive conducted by her at Chembur English High School.

During the meeting, it was also decided to use these funds towards purchasing blankets for the victims affected by the J & K floods. SIBC member, Yvette Lee was requested to purchase the same and hand it over for delivery to Jammu & Kashmir.

There was a great sense of satisfaction among the SIBC members at having participated in the true spirit of the "Joy of Giving".

This event was co-ordinated by Mrs. Annamma Paul, Mrs. Parveen Arif, Mrs. Mamta Patil & Mrs. Preeti Pawar.

Overall SIGBI Programme Action Awards 2014

SI - India who bagged the Overall SIGBI Programme Action Awards 2014 at the SIGBI 80th Federation Conference- Harrogate, UK. SI - India comprises of the 12 clubs in India of which SIBC is a member. Reni Francis, President, SiBc and Sunita Patawari was a part of the SI -India Team that accepted the award at UK.

World Aids Day 2014

Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur (SIBC) commemorated the WORLD AIDS DAY, a UN initiative, by organising a street play on ‘AIDS AWARENESS’ in a slum area of Chembur, Mumbai. The street play was an attempt to raise awareness among the illiterate poor people about this disease and to show support for people living with HIV. The play was scripted and directed by the SIBC members, Namrata & Yvette and enacted by the students of the Mahatma Night Degree College. The play focused on generating awareness on two key pillars – (1) Prevention for those who are not infected with the disease and (2) Care, support & treatment awareness for those who are suffering from the disease. The play demonstrated the various causes of spread of this disease and also various myths about it and promoted the need for extending love and support to the HIV patients without any fear.

The local people of the slums gathered enthusiastically to watch the street play and interacted with the Soroptimist members after the play. Most of them acknowledged that it was an ice-breaker among their families to feel open to talk about this disease and seek help and support to fight it.

The event was co-ordinated by SIBC members, Namrata Saxena & Yvette Lee

Project - Joy of Giving @ Panvel

SIBC celebrated the Season of Christmas by conducting a Jumble Sale at Dr. K M Vasudevan Pillai Campus on 19th December 2014 from 12 noon to 4 pm. The event was inaugurated by Founder President, Dr. Daphne Pillai.

The Jumble Sale was appreciated by all the visitors who came in huge numbers and purchased many items at cheap prices. The items for the Jumble Sale was donated by the staff of Mahatma Education Society's Pillai Group of Institutions.

SIBC members, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Ms. Yvette Lee, Benita Chotooya were present on the occasion. The event was conducted by SIBC members, Celina Joy and Yvette Lee


Soroptimist International Bombay-Chembur in collaboration with Chembur English Primary School celebrated International Women’s Day on the 13th of March, 2015. A talent competition was organized for all the mothers from the school wherein they showcased their abilities in the four given categories of – Food, Art and Handicraft, Singing and Dance.

There were a total of 37 mothers who participated in the competitions. The judges for the event were Ms Indu Vakil, a nutritionist, social worker and yoga instructor; Ms. Prajakta Matondkar, an art and craft trainer and an Asst. Professor at Chembur Junior College of Education; and Ms. Namitha Kafaliya, a trained dancer and founder of Vicky’s Dance Academy.

The event commenced with a short inaugural ceremony following which the judges proceeded to each food stall and tasted their dishes and judged them on the same. After this the dance and singing competition was held. Post this the judges judged the Art & Handicraft items. All the participants cooked yummy food, sang melodiously, danced gracefully and showcased their colorful art. Three prizes were given for the Art and Handicraft, Singing and Dance Competition respectively. As there were more than 20 entries in the Food making competition, 6 prizes were given. It was a day of fun, laughter and a lot of happiness.

The following SIBC members were present for the program- Dr Daphne Pillai, Dr. Reni Francis, Ms. Yvette Lee, Ms. Mamta Patil, Ms. Sunita Jain, Ms. Swasti Dhar, Dr Celina Joy, Ms. Parveen Arif, Ms Seeta Desai, Dr. Padma Rangan, Dr. Sunita Wadikar, Ms. Annamma Paul, Dr. Lata Krishnan and Ms. Preeti Pawar.

“Spreading happiness... the Soroptimist way..."