Projects 2015 - 2016 / Events

  1. International Women's Day
  2. Talk by Dr. Daphne Pillai and Dr. Celina Joy in San Francisco
  3. Joy of Giving Week
  4. Friendship Day
  5. Fistful of Grain
  6. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
  7. Soft Skill Development & Empowerment Program
  8. International Literacy Day - Rasayani
  9. International Literacy Day - Khanda Colony
  10. International Literacy Day - Chembur
  11. International Literacy Day - Sadhana Vidyalaya for the Deaf
  12. SI Convention at Turkey
  13. International Day of Yoga
  14. Go Green
  15. World Environment Day
  16. Annual General Meeting
  17. Skill Development Initiative Interaction

International Women’s Day

SIBC in association with the Pillai group of institutions celebrated International Women's Day by honoring two exemplary women with the Soroptimist Excellence Awards at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Panvel.
The Soroptimist Excellence Awards were initiated this year to honour women who have impacted society through their outstanding work in various sectors of industry. This award carries a citation and a trophy.
Dr. Daphne Pillai, Founder President presented the Soroptimist Excellence Awards 2016 to Dr. Armida Fernandez for her exemplary work in the health sector and Mrs. Farida Lambay for her outstanding work in the area of Education.
The program was attended by over hundred students, faculty members and Soroptimists. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Celina Joy and Ms. Yvette Lee.

SIBC in association with Pillai College of Education and Research celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2016. The students enacted street plays at 7 different locations in Chembur namely Diamond Garden, Ambedkar Garden, Chembur Station, Chembur Post office, Opposite Swami Vivekananda School, K- Star Mall, Chembur Naka signal. The street plays highlighted the atrocities that women face today and sensitized the people on various measures that could be taken to combat this deep rooted problem. The street play further focussed on the need for women to be confident and competent to handle these situations. The need for sensitizing these issues reflects on the various social issues which engulf the women today to a large extent. The issues addressed through the street plays were sexual abuse, dowry deaths, educate the girl child, abuse at home and workplace and infant feticide.

Talk by Dr. Daphne Pillai and Dr. Celina Joy in San Francisco

Soroptimist International of Americas Founder Region District II invited Dr. Daphne Pillai and Dr. Celina Joy to speak on the special challenges women face in India. Region Governor Bobbi Enderlin, District Director Bev Gomer and SI president of club 24-680, San Francisco - Kim Grossberg were present along with Soroptimist members from the various clubs in the Region. Dr. Daphne Pillai spoke on the challenges of illiteracy among the poor and the Adult Literacy Drives conducted by Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur to alleviate these issues. Dr. Celina Joy spoke on the challenges faced by working women in Mumbai and also shared some of the best practices followed by Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur to create awareness on various women issues. The session was very interactive and appreciated by all.

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

SIBC in collaboration with Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai College of Education and Research, Chembur, installed a sanitary napkin vending machine for girls from school and college studying in the Chembur campus of Mahatma Education Society. Dr Daphne Pillai, Founder president SIBC, inaugurated the installation of the vending machine. This project was done keeping in mind the accessibility of health and hygiene for women and especially underprivileged girls studying in the Chembur campus. Girls are finding it very useful and handy for them in times of need.

Go Green

“Breathe easy, let’s plant some trees”, with this slogan, the ‘GO GREEN’ project of SIBC took another initiative of celebrating their states’, Maharashtra Agriculture Day on 1st July 2015 along with Mahatma Education Society’s Chembur English High School. 1st July 2015, is the birthday of Maharashtra’s late Chief Minister Mr. Vasantrao Naik who is considered as the father of the green revolution in Maharashtra.
To inculcate the value of planting among the students, the motto of this event “When we plant a tree we plant happiness”, caught great attention.
The students were encouraged to plant and inculcate the hobby of gardening in their own yard. This event was associated with the Mahim National Park, Mumbai, from where the saplings were brought and given to all the interested students. Students were highly motivated by the presence of SIBC Founder President and Secretary of Mahatma Education society respected Dr. Daphne Pillai who graced the occasion and supported the ‘GO GREEN’ project.
SIBC active member, Principal Mrs. Annamma Paul and all staff members along with Soroptimist members explained the students about the importance of conservation of biodiversity and reminded them to contribute for creating a better surrounding in their own possible way. A great joy was seen among the students when they had their own plants to take home.

Fistful of Grain

SIBC in collaboration with Pillai College of Education & Research, Chembur kick started the project 'Fistful of Grain' on the 14th of October, 2015. Fistful of Grain aimed at supporting child life by providing for adequate nourishment. Lentils like Moog Dal, which is a high source of protein, were collected under this project along with rice.

The beneficiaries identified were eight children who are cancer patients, along with their parents, who are housed with the NGO ‘Access Life’. The NGO looks after the treatment of cancer affected children, so the grains collected have been able to provide for their meals for over a week.

The idea was of getting grains collected by students from the college by keeping a fistful of grain each day aside for more than over a week however, as the NGO looks after the treatment of the cancer affected kids, they wanted to be sure of the quality of the grains they would receive as it has to be chosen carefully. So they introduced SIBC to their grocery store which is tied up with them for provision of grains etc., and so SIBC’s Fistful of Grain initiative took a new shape where the grains were brought in bulk from that grocery store and the students and teachers along with Soroptimist members made monetary contributions towards the grains purchased. To have been able to feed some little lives, the college students were deeply moved by this project. It instilled the value of food and humanity among them and they look forward to continue this act in their own ways.

They were thus oriented about the various projects conducted under the Soroptimist banner by the NASI Extension Officer, Dr. Sunita Wadikar, who also urged them to join hands and promote Soroptimism. Followed by her talk, NASI President Elect, Dr. Lata Krishnan, SIBC President Dr. Reni Francis, SIBC PAC, Ms. Namrata Saxena and SIBC Club Extension Officer Ms. Swasti Dhar, also spoke with the students on the objectives of SOROPTIMISM and highlighted the different projects that are undertaken for girls and women’s welfare. They also asked students to join hand in this movement of girls and women development and welfare by joining SIBC. The response has been overwhelming.

Thus ‘Fistful of grain’ has been able to provide for two fold objectives for SIBC, of providing nourishment to the underprivileged and of getting the youth attention towards Soroptimism.

Soft Skill Development & Empowerment Program

SIBC conducted a module for development of soft skills and conversational English for a group of 28 girl school dropouts for over a fortnight in September 2015 to enhance the opportunities for a sustainable livelihood for these girls. Sessions on spoken English, numeracy, conversational skills, business promotion, grooming and etiquette were conducted over ten sessions. A session on sexual and reproductive health was also conducted to educate them on the importance of hygiene and preventive care measures. The module ended with a farewell function wherein each girl was presented with a formal set of clothing and a hygiene kit. Soroptimists Dr. Daphne Pillai, Dr. Celina Joy, Ms. Yvette Lee and Ms. Namrata Saxena were part of this initiative.

International Literacy Day - Khanda Colony

The student-teachers along with the staff members of PCER, Panvel have initiated a literacy program from 4th September, 2015 which is an ongoing project. This literacy program is an effort to create interest towards education among the 30 slum children and send them back to school. Student-teachers spend at least 2 hours each day towards their education.and teach the basics of language (mainly English) and Mathematics. Training is given on the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The mothers of these children also join in the classes and sessions on health and hygiene, sanitation and meditation are conducted for them.

Joy of Giving Week

The members of SIBC organized a Jumble Sale at the Pillai Campus at Chembur from the 15th to 17th of October 2015 to celebrate the Joy of Giving Week.
The SIBC members collected used clothes, shoes, jewelry, curtains, and other household articles and put it up for sale at very marginal prices of Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 per item. More than 100 people from the nearby poor localities visited the Campus and took maximum benefit from this Sale. The funds collected will help SIBC to conduct literacy and skill development programs for the underprivileged women in the next few months.
There was a great sense of satisfaction among the SIBC members at having participated in the true spirit of the "Joy of Giving".
This event was co-ordinated by Dr. Sunita Wadikar & the PCER team, Ms. Yvete Lee, Mrs. Mamta Patil & Mrs. Preeti Pawar.

International Literacy Day - Chembur

Mahatma Night Degree College celebrated ‘World Literacy Day’ on 8th. September, 2015 in association with Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur by staging a drama for the faculty and students of the college.
“Stree Mukti Sanghatana”, a popular drama troop comprising of young activists who travel all over Maharashtra (State in India) performing dramas in Marathi, were invited to perform a drama called “Samte Kade Vaatchaal” meaning, “moving towards equality.” The theme of the drama was literacy for empowering women. The drama depicted the status of women in India over the years and how education alone could help women empower themselves to lead a life of dignity.
More than 120 students and faculty attended the programme. A discussion was organized by SIBC members post the drama where the students were invited to share their reflections on the same. The students actively participated in the discussion and mentioned that this drama left an indelible mark on their minds and enriched them.

International Literacy Day - Sadhana Vidyalaya for the Deaf

SIBC members launched the International Literacy day celebrations by organizing a visit for the physically challenged students of Sadhana Vidyalaya for the Deaf to the Nehru Planetarium in September 2015. 54 students and 10 teachers wholeheartedly participated in the event. The students were very excited about their very first visit to the Planetarium and were mesmerized by the film shown on the solar system. After this show, the students were taken for a "Discovery of India" exhibition in the same premises. The teachers thanked the Soroptimist members for this unique and practical manner of educating the students on the solar system The students were very happy and effusive in their thanks for this adventurous outing. SIBC members also presented a cheque for Rs. 5000 towards the education of Saniya Jadhav, a student of the school whose education was being sponsored by SiBC over the past few years.
Soroptimist members, Mrs. Seeta Desai, Dr. Celina Joy and Ms. Yvette Lee co-ordinated this activity.

Friendship Day

SIBC joined Soroptimists' all over the world to celebrate Friendship Day by organizing a Fellowship Meet at Franav Farms in October 2015. The day was spent participating in creative and fun games and exciting activities. All the members wholeheartedly participated in all the games and created a lot of memories of fellowship and Soroptimism. The hospitality arrangements were made by Founder President Dr. Daphne Pillai. The day reinforced our commitment to work harder in the true spirit of Soroptimism.

International Literacy Day - Rasayani

International Literacy Day was observed at Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Rasayani on 8th September, 2015 in collaboration with Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur.
The theme for the event was ‘Literacy as a bridge from Misery to Hope’. On this day two educative sessions on Verbal, Numerical and Computers skills were conducted for all the women helpers and peons who come from underprivileged and economically backward communities. Thirty women attended the program.
The first session focussed on teaching of Basic Verbal and Numerical Skills in the classroom and was conducted y the students of the Pillai college. Subsequentl, a talk was given by Soroptimist member Dr. Lata Menon on education being a tool of personal empowerment and its importance in building self esteem. The second session was conducted in the computer laboratory where the basics of computer skills were taught and practiced.
These sessions boosted their confidence and they were committed to continue practicing what they learnt. The students of the Pillai college also promised to continue teaching them on a regular basis.

SI Convention at Turkey

Daphne Pillai with other speakers at the panel discussion

Opening day - SIBC members

Daphne Pillai Receiving the token and appreciation letter

At the inaugural ceremony

SIBC members with speakers at the panel discussion-The power of a second chance

With Anne Simon SI Convention Executive Director of Programme & an African delegate

With delegates from SI International

With SI Germany

With SI Malaysia

With Talat Pasha,SI Pakistan
with Theresa W Devashahyam(SI-Singapore) at breakfast

AT the fellowship dinner at the pool side

International Day of Yoga

Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur observed International Day of Yoga in association with Mahatma Education Society's Pillai Group of Institutions by conducting a yoga session for the underprivileged women who work as helpers at Dr. K M Vasudevan Pillai Campus. Yoga experts, Mr. Ashish Samarth and Mrs. Deepika Samarth from Vyaana Yoga Centre conducted the 90 minute session. The event was a grand success with around 40 women attending the session. The yoga experts spoke about the various health issues of women and the importance of making time for oneself and for exercise to remain fit and healthy. A series of yogasanas and breathing techniques was practiced during the session. The participants wholeheartedly participated in all the exercises and felt very relaxed after the session. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Founder President of Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur observed that “It is very fulfilling to provide such opportunities for the underprivileged in society and observing such UN declared dates like the International Day of Yoga helps to highlight the importance of being fit and healthy especially among the disadvantaged in society.”

World Environment Day

Members of SIBC celebrated World Environment Day with an awareness programme and tree plantation drive for young students at Dr. Pillai Global Academy. About 35 students were briefed on the importance of preserving the environment and taught to plant saplings and nurture them. The students were very excited to plant their very first saplings and promised to take care of them and replant them in their home premises.

SIBC members, Dr. Latha V, Yvette, Benita, Mabel and Namrata were present for the same. The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Celina Joy and Benita Choytooa.

Annual General Meeting

SIBC conducted its Annual General Meeting on 9th April 2015 at its registered office in Chembur. All the members attended the meeting. The meeting commenced with the Soroptimist Prayer and Pledge. Namrata Saxena, PAC presented a review of the activities conducted throughout the year 2014-15. This was followed by the annual accounts presentation by Mamta Patil, Treasurer of SIBC. A detailed discussion of the projects that could be taken up in the year 2015-16 was also conducted. After the meeting, all the members joined in for a group photograph.

Skill Development Initiative Interaction

Dr. Daphne Pillai and members from SIBC interacted with the girl school dropouts from Rasayani to find out the reasons for their dropping out of school and to help them with a sustainable livelihood opportunity. The young girls were happy with the new opportunites fro learning and requested SIBC to conduct modules for development of soft skills and conversational english skills. SIBC members will continue to work with these girl students in the next few months to address their needs.
Soroptimists Dr. Daphne Pillai, Dr. Lata Menon, Ms. Yvette Lee and Dr. Celina Joy were a part of this initiative.

“Spreading happiness... the Soroptimist way..."