Projects 2018 - 2019 / Events

  1. Menstrual Hygiene Project
  2. Jumble Sale 2018, Chembur
  3. International Day for Eradication of Poverty
  4. Newspaper Drive 2018
  5. Recycle and Reuse
  6. World Mental Heath Day
  7. Jumble Sale 2018, Panvel
  8. Fistful of Grains
  9. Sneha Project 2018
  10. International Literacy Day 2018
  11. SASHAKT Project
  12. World Environment Day 2018
  13. Workshop on English for Specific Purposes, Rasayani
  14. Book Bank Project in collaboration with Goonj
  15. Annual General Meeting

Menstrual Hygiene Project

Pillai College of Education and Research in association with SIBC installed a sanitary pad vending machine at the Chembur English High School and Junior College Campus on 25th October, 2018. The aim of this project is to ensure that adequate and basic sanitation facilities are available for female students during their menstrual periods and also to create awareness and to advocate among students better hygienic practices by the use of quality sanitary napkins and their provision at an affordable rate to all.

Jumble Sale 2018, Chembur

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty at Edukidz International, Tilak Nagar

To commemorate ‘International Day for the Eradication of Poverty’ SIBC collaborated with edukidz INTERNATIONAL Pre-school, Daycare and Evening Activities, Tilak Nagar and organised a ‘World Food Day’ event on 23rd October,2018.

On this day, the edukidz toddlers brought a handful of different food grains which was collected together and handed over to Manav Jeevan Seva Trust, an orphanage. This event aimed at instilling values of helping the needy, sharing and caring and prevention of food wastage among the students. The act of donating grains sensitized the students and their families to the needs of the poor and under privileged. The Project was coordinated by the leaders of the school, Dr. Sunita Jain, Ms. Namita Kafaliya and Ms. Namrata Saxena.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty at DPGA Panvel

On the occasion of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, SIBC collaborated with Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel for the project 'Fistful of Grains' on the 17th October, 2018. The students offered a fistful or more of grains such as rice, pulses, sugar etc. The teachers further donated Rs. 30/- and more grains were purchased. A total of 32 kgs of rice, 10 kgs of dal, 2L sunflower oil and 1 kg vanaspati oil along with the collected items were donated to Immanuel Mercy Home for the Destitute, Chiple.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Latha Venkatraman.

Newspaper Drive 2018 - Chembur English High School

Chembur English High School Principal Ms. Annamma Paul and staff making a donation to SIBC collected through the newspaper drive.

Newspaper Drive 2018 - Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel

Recycle and Reuse

SIBC in association with Mount Litera School International, recycled and reused old uniforms by removing the logo and further donating it to under privileged school going children of Nareshwadi, Mumbai. Towards this project the students from Mount Litera School donated approximately 550 tshirts / shirts, 250 pants, 80 shorts, 50 jackets, 70 school bags, shoes and socks.

This project was coordinated by Sheetal Wadikar.

World Mental Heath Day

SIBC in association with the Pillai Group of Institutions observed World Mental Health Day on the 10th October, 2018. To mark this day an awareness talk and discussion on mental health and mental well being was organised for the students. The resource person for the event was Mr. Johnson Thomas, Co-Founder and Director of Aasra, a suicide helpline in Mumbai. Mr. Thomas commenced the talk with a video giving information on the various stressors people face in life and how suicide should not be an option, rather one should seek help when they are unable to cope with it. He also spoke on ways to protect and build one’s mental health and well being. Around 100 students from the graduate college, engineering college and management college attended this session.

Jumble Sale 2018, Panvel

A Jumble Sale was organized by the SIBC members on 12th October, 2018 at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus, Panvel. Around 200 people from nearby slums along with the helpers from the Panvel campus attended the sale. The sale had clothes, bedsheets, shoes, bags, toys and other household items collected by the SIBC members for sale at marginal prices starting from Rs. 10 to Rs. 500. The funds raised from the event will be used for the various social welfare activities of SIBC. The unsold items at the end of the day are donated to the SEAL Ashram in Navi Mumbai. The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Celina Joy, Ms. Munawira Kotyad and Dr. Betty Sibil. The event was supported by Ms. Yvette Lee, Ms. Mamta Patil and Ms. Parveen Arif.

Fistful of Grains

SIBC in association with Pillai College of Education & Research, Chembur on the occasion of the Joy of Giving Week conducted the project 'Fistful of Grain' on the 4th October, 2018. The project aimed at collecting and providing food grains such as rice, moong dal, sugar and glucose biscuits to the underprivileged. The students of the college offered fistful of grains which were then made in packets of 250gms each and was distributed among 60 families living in the slums and street at the Amar Mahal Junction, Chembur.

Another objective of this project was to imbibe among the students the act of sharing, the joy of giving and the feeling of empathy for others, especially the deprived sections in our society. The students were thoroughly moved when they were distributing the items to the beneficiaries. Around 75 students participated in this initiative.

The event was coordinated by Dr. Sunita Wadikar, Dr. Reni Francis, Dr. Sunita Jain and Dr. Swasti Dhar.

Sneha Project 2018

International Literacy Day 2018

SIBC in association with Pillai College of Engineering observed International Literacy Day 2018 by launching the initiative "Girls in Tech" with the overall objective to encourage women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). About 110 girls pursuing careers in Engineering attended the session. The session began with a welcome address by Soroptimist member Celina Joy who spoke about the objectives of Soroptimism and the goals of creating gender balance in the workforce and having more women pursue careers in STEM. Dr. Madhumita Chaterji from Pillai College of Engineering spoke about her journey in science and how she chose to be an educationist in Engineering. After this talk, 5 videos of girls and women pursuing careers in tech were shown to the students highlighting the exciting careers that exist in STEM for aspiring contenders. They broke the myth that such careers in STEM were only for men even though they seem to be male dominated and encouraged girls to go all out and overcome their diffidence and pursue their dreams.

After the videos were showcased, Dr. Daphne Pillai, President of IWFCI India National Chapter spoke about innovation and the importance of networking. She gave many examples of how businesses were thriving globally and forums like IWFCI (Network partner at this event) were helping women though mentorship and other educational programs specifically to help women in business.

Ms. Yvette Lee, President SIBC proposed the Vote of thanks. A special word of thanks was given to Ms. Munawira Kotyad Pillai who played a big role in collating the videos from women pursuing careers in science globally.

The event ended with tentative committees being formed to handle the various aspects of the Girls in Tech Community viz. membership, events, seminars, competitions, creation of Facebook pages etc for the academic year 2018-19. The event was attended by SIBC Secretary Ms. Preeti Pawar and members, Dr. Betty Sibil and Ms. Susanna Cherian and faculty members of Pillai College of Engineering. The students were very happy to be a part of this initiative and were excited to work towards its success in the years to come.

The event was organised by Soroptimist members Ms. Munawira Kotyad Pillai and Dr. Celina Joy.


SIBC launched a project named SASHAKT, a series of sessions on ‘Gender, Rights and Sexuality’ for girls and women. The sessions will be held with various target groups between the months of August to November, 2018. The Millennium Development Goals report published by United Nations in 2011 reiterated the point that: "Reaching adolescents is critical to improving maternal health & achieving other Millennium Development Goals". With this objective in mind the project was conceptualized and finalized by SIBC.

The first session was organized on Monday, 13th August 2018, for girl students in the age group of 18-21 years of Mahatma Junior College of Education, Chembur. The session covered topics such as gender equality, selection of life partner, marital adjustments, sexuality and legal aspects and rights in marriage. This session was held in collaboration with Stree Mukti Sanghatana, an organisation working towards women empowerment in Mumbai. Around 50 girls attended the session held over 2 days. The sessions were very interactive and it helped changed the mindset of students on sexuality and marriage.

The second session of project SASHAKT was organised for students of Grade 5-7 of Chembur English High School on 20th August, 2018. The topic for the session was ‘Menstruation - My First Period’ and it covered topics like menstruation, menstrual hygiene and myths associated with it. Around 100 girl-students of the school attended the session.

A session was held for around 200 students of Grade 12 of Chembur English High School and Junior College on the topic of Addiction. The resource person, Ms. Zillima Thomas spoke on the different causes of addiction especially related to stress and peer pressure. She further elaborated on techniques to deal with stress. Members Munawira Kotyad-Pillai, Preeti Pawar and Yvette Lee coordinated and were present for the session.

A session was organised on the topic 'My First Period' for girls of Grade 6 of Mahatma School of Academics and Sports, Khanda Colony, Panvel. The session covered the topics of menstruation, menstrual hygiene, and myths associated with it. Around 60 girl students attended this session. SIBC sisters, Ms. Munawira Kotyad-Pillai and Ms. Yvette Lee conducted the session.

Environment Day - Say No To Plastic

SIBC in collaboration with the Early Years section of a chain of schools of MES organised various activities on 29th June 2018, for celebrating World Environment Day 2018.

SIBC members trained teachers and students to put up skits and displayed the same together at the different school venues on the theme 'Say no to Plastic' to sensitize the tiny toddlers towards the harmful effects of plastic.

Around 300 students of all these schools witnessed these skits and were further trained on making newspaper bags and cloth bags from old dupattas and t-shirts. The event has been successful with the tiny toddlers taking the message home to stop using plastic and to re-use old clothes making useful cloth bags and more.

Partners: edukidz International, Tilak Nagar
edukidz International, Powai
Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel

Event Coordination: Ms. Namrata Saxena and Dr. Latha Venkataraman at DPGA Panvel
Ms. Namrata Saxena, Ms. Namita Kafaliya and Dr. Sunita Jain at Edukidz International, Tilak Nagar and
Ms. Namrata Saxena at Edukidz International, Powai

Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’ at Chembur Campus

World Environment Day was celebrated at Mahatma Education Society’s Chembur English High School with great enthusiasm.

Students were told about the environment and various habitats. They were also informed about the food chains and how extinction of one species causes disturbance in the food chain.

Students gave motivating speeches on effects of pollution and conservation of Earth. They also spoke on why India hosted the United Nation’s global event with the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Students spoke on how plastic is life threatening to both animals and human beings and how oceans and marine animals are destroyed by plastic.

Grade 8 students recited poems based on importance of environment and its protection. A mime was enacted by our grade 9 students to convey the message of Environment protection. Grade 6 students prepared eco-friendly bags using materials available at home.

CEO Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai addressed the students on how to protect and preserve our natural resources and spoke about recycling and reusing materials to conserve the environment.

Finally, the ceremony was culminated with a “Green Pledge” by all the teachers and students along with the Principal Ms. Annamma Paul.

Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’ at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai’s Campus, New Panvel

Date: 28th June, 2018
Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Venue: Campus Auditorium Organised by: Anubhuti (Pillai College of Architecture’s social service initiative) in collaboration with SIBC - Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur.

‘World Environment Day’ was celebrated at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai’s Campus, New Panvel with a special lecture titled “Kaun Banega Environmentalist” by Mr. Anand Pendharkar.

Student volunteers of Anubhuti along with members of SIBC made all arrangements for the event. The event was attended by members of SIBC, students and teachers of architecture and bio-technology from Pillai’s Campus,school students from Dr. Pillai Global Academy, teachers from Mahatma School of Academic and Sports.

Anand Pendharkar is a Wildlife Biologist and alumni of Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. He has over 26 years of experience as a practicing Ecologist. In 2015, he initiated both the Northern Western Ghats Biodiversity Documentation Project, along with the Mumbai Biodiversity Project (MBP) wherein his organisation SPROUTS is creating awareness about the unique flora and fauna of the Northern Western Ghats and Mumbai’s immense urban biodiversity.He established SPROUTS (an eco-tourism & outdoors company) in 1995. They undertake many projects in schools, colleges, housing colonies & villages too, to establish butterfly gardens, Terrace Farms, document biodiversity and conducts camps & treks to the entire of South Asia!

The speaker enlightened the audience on bio-diversity and urban environment with the help of short films and illustrated talk. This session looked at the problems, our behaviour and some solutions to this multi-dimensional maze, we call our environment!

Teacher Training on Environment Friendly Cloth Bag Making

SIBC organized a Teacher Training on Environment Friendly Cloth bag making for all the school teachers of Dr. Pillai Global Academy on 30th June 2018, for celebrating World Environment Day 2018.

Around 70 teachers undertook the training. They were trained on making cloth bags from old T-shirts and old Dupattas along with making paper bags from newspapers.

Partner: Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel

Event Coordinators: Dr. Latha Venkat and Ms. Namrata Saxena

Workshop on English for Specific Purposes, Rasayani

SIBC in association with PHCACS conducted a three week workshop on “English for Specific Purposes” for the development of soft skills and conversational English for a group of 32 school dropouts n order to enhance the opportunities for a sustainable livelihood. The students are currently pursuing skill development courses at the Skill Development Institute, Rasayani. Sessions on spoken English, conversational skills, interview spoken grammar, grooming and stress management were conducted over 18 sessions. The workshop ended with a convocation function on 14th May, 2018 where the students put up a fashion show depicting "Unity in Diversity". This project was co-ordinated by Dr. Lata Menon and Dr. Celina Joy and supported by Soroptimist members, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Yvette Lee, Munawira Kotyad Pillai, Smita Dalvi, Susanna Cherian, Betty Sibil and Latha Venkatraman who conducted sessions for the students.

Book Bank Project in collaboration with Goonj

Soroptimist International - Bombay Chembur organized a collection drive during the month of April 2018 of used and new school supplies like uniforms, notebooks, stationary, lunch boxes, water bottles across four schools in Mumbai (Dr. Pillai Global Academy – Panvel and Gorai, Mahatma School of Academics and Sports and Chembur English High School) and handed them over to the NGO Goonj on 7th May 2018.

The collection drive was very successful and over 120 cartons of goods which were handed over to the NGO Goonj. The items from the collection will be refurbished and are distributed among kids and families in rural schools who are lacking the basic necessities required for school. This initiative is aimed to reduce the dropout rate among rural schools and improving the quality of education in these schools. This initiative also inculcates among school children about the joy of “giving back” in the formative years of their lives.

The project was co-ordinated by Munawira Koytad Pillai and Celina Joy with the support of Soroptimist members of the Club.

Annual General Meeting

SIBC conducted its Annual General Meeting on 27th April, 2018 at its registered office in Chembur. The meeting commenced with President Dr. Celina Joy presenting a review of the activities conducted in the term 2016-18. This was followed by the annual accounts presentation by Treasurer Ms. Mamta Patil.

Dr. Daphne Pillai was felicitated for her presentation at CSW-62. Dr. Lata Venkataraman and Dr. Reni Francis were also presented with bouquets on becoming the Director of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel and Member, Board of Studies, Mumbai University respectively.

The next agenda was the elections for 2018- 19 which was conducted by Founder President, Dr. Daphne Pillai. Post the election procedure, Dr. Celina Joy, the immediate past President handed over charge to the new President, Ms. Yvette Lee, for the term 2018-20. All the Soroptimist Sisters warmly welcomed the new Executive Committee.

Secretary Preeti Pawar thanking outgoing President Dr. Celina Joy.
Executive Committee, 2018-20
From Left to Right- Dr. Betty Sibil (Club Extension Officer & Membership Officer), Ms. Susanna Cherian (Press and Publicity Officer), Dr. Celina Joy (Immediate Past President, Ms. Yvette Lee (President), Ms. Preeti Pawar (Secretary), Ms. Munawira Kotyad-Pillai (PAC), Ms. Parveen Arif (Treasurer)
Founder President, Dr. Daphne Pillai and members of executive committee of SIBC felicitating Ms. Seeta Desai on being elected President Elect.
SIBC members

“Spreading happiness... the Soroptimist way..."