Projects 2019 - 2020 / Events

  1. Book Bank Project in collaboration with NGO Goonj
  2. World Environment Day, 2019
  3. International Yoga Day, 2019
  4. NASI EC and AGM, 2019
  5. Meeting with Sisters of SI of Liverpool
  6. Meeting with Sisters of SI of Bath
  7. Meeting with Ayushi of SI Calcutta
  8. AGM 2019
  9. Meeting with Sisters of SI Greater London

Book Bank Project in collaboration with NGO Goonj

Soroptimist International - Bombay Chembur organized a collection drive during the month of April - June 2019 of used and new school supplies like uniforms, notebooks, stationary, lunch boxes, water bottles across three schools in Mumbai (Dr. Pillai Global Academy – Panvel and Gorai and Mahatma International School, New Panvel) and handed them over to the NGO Goonj on 10th July, 2019.

The collection drive was very successful and over 35 cartons and 65 bags of goods were handed over to the NGO Goonj. The items from the collection will be refurbished and are distributed among children and families in rural schools who are lacking the basic necessities required for school. This initiative is aimed to reduce the dropout rate among rural schools and improving the quality of education in these schools. This initiative also inculcates among school children the joy of “giving back” in the formative years of their lives.

World Environment Day, 2019

SI Bombay Chembur conducted another awareness session on the occasion of World Environment with students of Chembur English High School on Friday, 28th June, 2019. The program started by showcasing a film on global warming to make the students aware about the effects of greenhouse gases and the impact of global warming. Following this students prepared charts and displayed them in the school.

Students from grade 8 presented thought provoking speeches and further discussions in class were held on various polluting agents such as particulate matter, carbon dioxide, methane, noise, ozone and ways to to conserve the environment.

The students from Grade 5 presented a dance-drama where they expressed the importance of conservation of trees.

This program was highly appreciated by all the students and around 180 students attended this session.

SI Bombay Chembur in association with Pillai College of Architecture commemorated World Environment Day by organising a talk on “Human Angle in Waste Management” by Ms. Jyoti Mhapsekar, President of Stree Mukti Sanghatana. The talk was followed by an exhibition on the topic, 'Waste to Resources'. A total of 250 students and teachers attended the awareness programme.

Ms. Mhapsekar in her talk gave a perspective on different types of household waste generated by urban communities and the mammoth issues of its safe disposal municipalities are unable to tackle. She explained the workings of the Waste Based Industry and how it is a pyramid, at the base of which are the women waste-pickers who are victims of poverty, inequality and caste system. The NGO- Stee Mukti sanghatana works for betterment of these communities in Mumbai.

She further emphasised that the students of architecture and technology must be sensitised to the issues of waste management at its very source. She spoke of several ways in which householders can responsibly sort and handover directly to the waste pickers different kinds of household waste.

Lastly, she spoke about the benefits of composting organic kitchen waste within homes and communities. The NGO put on display home composting baskets they have developed and explained its working. Many faculty members and SIBC members purchased the basket.

International Yoga Day, 2019

SI Bombay-Chembur in association with Chembur English High School celebrated International Day of Yoga by organising a yoga session for the students. The facilitators for this session were yoga teachers from Arya Samaj Chembur and Patanjali Yogpeeth, both certified agencies by government of India. Around 65 students participated in the session and promised to teach the same to their parents and practice at home.

Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur collaborated with Mahatma Education Society's Pillai Group of Institutions to observe the International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2019. This year the collaboration extended to Vyana Yoga Centre, Seawoods where in the two yoga Experts - Mr. Ashim and Ms. Deepika Samarth visited the Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus at Panvel, Dr. Pillai Global Academy at Panvel and Pillai HOC College of Arts, Science & Commerce at Rasayani to conduct Yoga and Meditation sessions for the female housekeeping staff of the campuses. At Rasayani, it was also followed by a session for the students.

Yoga’s positive benefits on physical and mental health have made it an important practice across the globe. Yoga, meditation and pranayam have become mainstream culture in the world. Yet there are various sections of society which are still unaware of its myriad benefits. This event was organized with an objective to address this issue. The Session was for around sixty minutes where in the experts demonstrated the basic asanas which could be performed daily along with some breathing exercises which are bound to bring a positive change in their day to day life. The asanas which were taught focused on various health issues faced by women in their day to day life.

Soroptimist Dr. Lata Menon, who is also the Principal of PHCASC and a Yoga Practitioner herself, also demonstrated the asanas which served as a motivation for all the ladies present there. The programme at Rasayani was attended by around 75 participants and was well received.

At Panvel campus, the event was a huge success with 40 housekeeping staff attending the session and at DPGA 30 housekeeping staff attended the same. Soroptimists Dr. Daphne Pillai (Chairperson, MES), Dr. Celina Joy, Yvette Lee, Dr. Lata Venkataraman, Susanna Cherian, Betty Sibil and Bhavana Parab organised the event at Panvel.

NASI EC and AGM, 2019

Members Dr. Daphne Pillai, Dr. Celina Joy, Dr. Reni Francis and Yvette Lee in attendance at the NASI EC and AGM, 2019 held in Bandra, Mumbai on the 22nd and 23rd June, 2019.

Meeting with Sisters of SI of Liverpool

President Yvette had the opportunity to meet sisters from SI Liverpool which is a 95 year old Club. She was warmly welcomed at dinner and coffee the next day where she had an opportunity to meet all the members and chat on common interests and on Club projects. She also had the chance to spend time with President Mary Andrews and member Joan Felgate who took her around showing her and her mum local sights especially the Beatles memorabilia.

Dinner with members of SI Liverpool

Coffee table discussions with members of SI Liverpool

Yvette Lee with Mary Andrews, President, SI Liverpool

Meeting with Sisters of SI of Bath

Yvette from SI Bombay Chembur had the opportunite to meet the SI sisters of Bath over dinner and long and interesting conversations. President Jenny and other members of the veteran Club of SI Bath were present for the dinner. The immense knowledge and experience the members shared was commendable. During this dinner President Yvette was also able to meet Ms. Halima from SI Mombasa. The members very graciously took time out and showed Yvette and her mom the local sights in and around Bath including Stonehenge.

Dinner with members of SI Bath

Yvette with Diane Steele of SI Bath

Meeting with Ayushi of SI Calcutta

Yvette Lee from SI Bombay Chembur was able to meet a Soroptimist sister from India, the vivacious and extraordinary SI Calcutta member, Ayushi Kundu in London. They had a lovely evening on the banks of River Thames.

AGM 2019

SI Bombay Chembur conducted their AGM on Monday, 22nd April, 2019

Meeting with Sisters of SI Greater London

Yvette Lee of SI Bombay Chembur met the sisters of SI Greater London on 27th May, 2019 at 63 Bayswater Road, London after which they headed to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a walking tour. Post the tour, over a cup of tea at the beautiful café of the museum, President Yvette and sisters of SI Greater had a long chat and sharing of projects of the Club, further building stronger friendships.

SI Bombay Chembur President, Yvette Lee along with President of SI Greater London, Doltice Grey

Yvette in conversation with member Irene Cockroft of SI Greater London

Irene Cockroft, President Doltice Grey, Secretary Molly Byrne Robinson of SI Greater London, Sandra Lee and President Yvette Lee, SI Bombay Chembur

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