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Adjectives – Degrees of Comparison

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on Adjectives – Degrees of Comparison

Day & Date: Tuesday, 26th September, 2017
Topic: ADJECTIVES – Degrees of Comparison
Resource Person(s): Dr. Reni Francis

Objectives of the Session:

  • To introduce the participants to the meaning of the positive, comparative and superlative degrees of comparison (Adjectives)
  • To ensure that students can identify, classify and give own examples of the various degrees of adjectives.
    • Session Update:
      The ALD session on Degrees of Comparison was conducted on 26th September,2017. The session introduced the participants to adjectives and then further explained the need of comparison of the adjectives. The topic Degrees of Comparison was clearly explained through a puppet show, which depicted three families. The adjectives such as short, tall, fat, high, young, strong, near, cheap, sweet, bright, dark, cold, fast, small, dry, happy, heavy, rich and other examples with respect to adding more and most in expressing the degree of Comparison.

      Dr. Reni Francis and the students of PCER Chembur explain Degrees of Comparison through puppets

      The session elicited response from each participant of one adjective and the degree of Comparison of the same. There was total participation from them.

      Further each participant was given two worksheets and they solved the worksheets in the class and later was discussed at length thus reinforced their understanding.

      Overall it was an interactive and exciting session.