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Collection of Old Newspapers (Raddi Drive)

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on Collection of Old Newspapers (Raddi Drive)

India is a country where households consume news daily through the print media. Newspapers and magazines arrive daily to each and every household. At the end of the day these accumulate as waste and are thrown away. SIBC decided to collect these old newspapers from all the 250 flats of Raheja Acropolis 1 Society and sell it to a responsible collector who can reuse and recycle these materials.

This is a win-win situation where SIBC could garner funds for promoting their social activities, the consumers (households) become responsible users and the collectors could reuse and recycle the waste. 400 kgs of raddi was collected and was sold for Rs. 4000 (approx).

Sunita Wadikar, Sheetal Wadikar co-ordinated the drive.
“You do this painstakingly every time with the kiddos – awesome, Sheetal!”
– a Raheja Acropolis resident

SDG #12 – Responsible Consumption and Production