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English for Specific Purposes Workshop 2016-17

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on English for Specific Purposes Workshop 2016-17

Soroptimist members, Dr. Daphne Pillai, Dr. Celina Joy, Dr. Lata Menon and Dr. Smita Dalvi conducted a workshop titled “English for Specific Purposes” for the 42 students of the Pillai Skill Development Institute from 2nd December, 2016 to 17th January, 2017. The sessions were conducted every Tuesday and Thursday and covered basic conversations in English, grammar, formal and informal talk, lies and dislikes, grooming, health, hygiene and preparing for interviews with emphasis on the specific professional skills they were pursuing at the Skill Institute. The participants, mostly school dropouts belonging to marginalized communities in Rasayani, were being groomed to learn skills for employment and basic English to help them gain social mobility. Certificates of Participation were given out to the participants on successful completion of the Workshop.


Session 1 Introduction of self and ice breaking
Session 2 Greetings
Session 3 likes and dislikes; describing other people/ things
Session 4 Formal and informal talk
Session 5 Course specific conversations
Session 6 Asking for and giving permission
Session 7 Relationships (in laws, niece etc) Conversation with husband and children, other family members
Session 8 Health and hygiene& conversation with doctor
Session 9 Asking and giving advice; expressing opinion
Session 10 Telephonic conversations; giving news
Session 11 Making an appointment
Session 12 Preparing for interviews