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Fistful of Grains 2016

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on Fistful of Grains 2016

SIBC in Association with Pillai College of Education & Research, Chembur conducted the Project ‘Fistful of Grains’ on the 10th October, 2016.

The project aimed in providing grains such as (rice and dal) to the underprivileged section in our society. The beneficiaries of this project were the inmates of an NGO- Access Life in Deonar, who were undergoing treatment for cancer, so the grains collected have been able to provide for their meals for more than a week.

The project was undertaken by the B. Ed students who contributed money for the same. To maintain the uniformity of grains the money was collected and accordingly the grains were purchased. The students offered a Fistful of Grains which was then handed over to Access Life.

The inmates were given money which they would use for the conveyance to the Cancer hospital as there was a special vehicle for commuting these patients to the hospital.

This is the second year that SIBC in association with PCER has undertaken this project. The impact of this project is to imbibe social values especially for those disadvantaged who have been battling for a better living. The students were deeply moved by the struggle that young children were facing, being a source of support and well being was of prime importance.

The students were oriented about the various projects of SIBC. The NASI Extension Officer, Dr. Sunita Wadikar, invited students to be the young members of SIBC. The SIBC – IPP Dr. Reni Francis addressed the students about SIBC, projects undertaken by SIBC in catering to the societal needs, and Project Fistful of Grains. She introduced the members, Ms. Annamma Paul- Friendship Link Co-Ordinator, Ms. Yvette Lee – President Elect, Ms. Preeti Pawar- Secretary, Dr. Sunita Jain, Ms. Swasti Dhar- members of SIBC. Ms. Yvette Lee emphasised the contribution of SIBC in the society and thanked the students for their support, Ms. Swasti Dhar spoke about Access Life and the impact of project Fistful of Grains.

Thus the project Fistful of Grains was indeed a huge success.