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International Youth Day

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Self Defence and Self Protection are an Important Priority for Women. The Most Common Crime to Happen to a Woman is Rape, But it is More About a feeling of Dominance from one Person Over Another.

SIBC in association with Chembur English High School on the occasion of International Youth Day on organised a ‘Self Defence Workshop’ for the girls of Grades 8 to 11 on the 12th August, 2016. Around 150 girl students attended the workshop.

The resource person for the session was Ms. Ratnadiptee, Director of SciArt Sports and Outplay. She is an International Gold medallist in martial arts and has trained more than 55,000 women since last 20 years. Ms. Ratnadiptee along with her associate Mr. Mangesh Shetye conducted a very interactive and hands-on session with the girls where she taught them basic techniques to handle threat situations like eve-teasing/stalking, groping instances in crowded areas, kidnapping etc.

The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students