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Jumble Sale, Panvel 2022

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on Jumble Sale, Panvel 2022

Our most awaited fundraiser, the annual Jumble Sale was back with a bang after 3 years at Pillai Campus, Panvel. Covid related protocols had prevented us from holding this activity for two consecutive years. We more than made up with our enthusiasm in collecting donations of used items in good condition such as sarees, clothes, bags, jewellery, toys and household items. These were sorted and arranged in a bazaar like matter. Support staff of the campus and slum dwellers from the surrounding areas came and picked up items of their choice for throw-away process ranging from Rd. 10 to Rs. 200. The funds collected will be used for our social service activities.

The event was co-ordinated by Ms. Susanna Cherian, Dr. Celina Joy, Dr. Betty Sibil, Dr. Deepika Sharma and Dr. Smita Dalvi.

SDG # 1 – No poverty