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SI Bombay Chembur (SIBC) partnered with Mahatma Night Degree College of Arts and Commerce (MNDC) and the MCC Model Career Centre and CII Confederation of Indian Industries along with the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) to organize a career-ready program for young girls called Uddeshya. This project was conducted under the aegis of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Project Disha, a partnership between the India Development Foundation and supported by IKEA Foundation. This project aims at nurturing and enlightening women about the world of possibilities which they implement by educating, empowering and enabling women and girls through training, entrepreneurial skill development and providing employment opportunities young girls.

This project was initiated on the 20th December, 2018 when the staff from MCC’s CII visited the college and spoke to the girls about the program and how it would help them. On this occasion, SIBC President Ms. Yvette Lee addressed the students and encouraged them to participate in the program with full enthusiasm. She further explained the importance for girls to be financially independent. Post this introduction program, the online Wheebox Aptitude test was taken by 66 girls of MNDC which lasted for 30 minutes. The results were posted on their email ids.

On the next day, 21st December, 2018, four professional psychological counsellors from MCC’s CII visited the campus and group counselling for the girls was organized. Through a powerpoint presentation the facilitators explained vividly the ways to prepare physically, mentally and psychologically for interviews. Post this group session, one-on-one counselling was given to every student and their individual doubts, fears, apprehensions and mental blocks were cleared.

In continuation of this program, on the occasion of Women’s Day, MNDC associated with LOGIC STICK India to organize a placement day for the girls at Amazon Logistics on the 8th March, 2019. The students were initially briefed by a representative of LOGIC STICK India. Soroptimist Sisters, Principal Dr. Padma Rangan and Professor Dr. Lata Krishnan, both Past Presidents of SIBC re-assured the students that logistics was the industry of tomorrow and that it was there to stay and evolve. Sixty-three girls were interviewed and 25 girls were selected and offered appointment letters on the day itself.

This project was coordinated by Padma Rangan and Lata Krishnan.