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World Environment Day: Say No to Plastic

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In response to the SIGBI call for dedicated action against single plastic, SI Bombay Chembur conducted various campaigns in the month of June among the students of different ages who have the maximum stake in the sustainable future for the planet.

On 20th June 2022, SI Bombay Chembur in association with Edukidz International, a leading Preschool chain in Mumbai and Navi-Mumbai celebrated world Environment Day with toddlers by teaching kids to make eco-bags and presenting hazards of plastic through skits and games. Students were taught to make eco-bags with paper and cloth bags at school by SIBC members Namrata Saxena and Namita Kafaliya. A project Paper bag was launched in partnership with Edukidz International parents and they were involved in making more paper bags at home with their kids and distribute to the local vendors. Since the audience was toddlers, they were also taught about identifying plastics through sorting and treasure hunt games. This activity covered SDG #13 and #15.

More than 100 kids from 3 different kindergartens participated. One student Athena Pillai said, “I will never use plastic.”

22nd June, 2022
For an innovative and sustainable campaign against single use plastic, SIBC got together with the Environment Protection Cell of Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Scienceto organise an event — ‘Mechanical Blessing for the Environment’, based on the concepts of recycling and reuse.

An Inspiring Talk was delivered on the subject by guest speaker Mr. Ajay Mishra, Founder of Biocrux, India. The resource person gave good insight on the need to use the plastic shredding machine.

Mr. Ajay Mishra displayed products made out of the shredded plastic. There were T-Shirts, Scarfs, Bags and Caps on display which were made from the shredded plastic. This inspired many students to go ahead and use the plastic bottle crushing machine on the campus the very next day.

The project was selected to raise awareness on the importance of Plastic reuse and recycling. We tried to spread awareness on Plastic Pollution.We inspired the students to take a simple step of crushing disposal plastic in the shredding machine. The by-product will be used to make useful products for daily use.

More than 120 students participated in this activity. SDG #12.