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Covid-19: Flavours from your Homes

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on Covid-19: Flavours from your Homes

With India locked-down over the coronavirus and no way to earn money, migrant workers and other marginalised populations are facing many issues. Most of them have either begun walking back to their villages and homes or are fighting hunger and housing issues in larger cities. Millions of migrant workers and daily workers are left jobless and penniless by the full shutdown in the country leading to an exodus from major cities. A leading newspaper published an article on 23rd April, 2020 stating that ‘The nationwide lockdown in India which started about a month ago has impacted nearly 40 million internal migrants’. To help towards this cause, SI Bombay Chembur organised ‘Flavours from your Homes’ a recipe contest for a social cause. As there is strict lockdown in Mumbai, the entire event took place through virtual medium. The event was launched live on You Tube on 3rd May, 2020. This helped the audience to be acquainted with the purpose and objectives of the event. You may find the launch of this event on the following you tube link: https://youtu.be/xK-rYgWBal8. The interested participants had to fill a registration form with a registration fee that was circulated among various group on different social media platforms. This registration fee was directly paid by the participants to Milap, an online fundraising portal. In the course of a week’s time, the event had 71 registrations and collected a robust amount of Rs 61,224/ The amount collected was donated directly to the Gurdwara in Panvel, Navi Mumbai through Milap, the online fundraising portal. The Gurdwara is providing cooked meals for nearly 3000 people every day. You can see the final program which took place on Sunday, May 10, on the following link on you tube https://youtu.be/OokMFxgjbio. This project was initiated towards the fulfilment of SDG#2- Zero Hunger