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Project Pankh 2024

Posted By: SimbmbYs Comments Off on Project Pankh 2024

SIBC in collaboration with Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research launched Project PANKH on 27th June, 2023 for the period June 2023 to March 2024. This collaborative long term project between Pillai Institute of Management Studies and Research and SIBC has a goal to provide a series of 20 workshops for both teachers and students of the municipal school, Gyanjyoti Savitribai Phule Shala, Podi 2, New Panvel for the overall holistic development of the school. The workshops were designed with a focus on improving literacy, providing skills for economic empowerment, awareness on personal development, addressing mental health and personal safety measures. Project PANKH’s unique feature was the active involvement of both students and faculty members as drivers of community development by leveraging their expertise to foster a sense of responsibility among the students themselves. The sessions conducted over 20 weeks of an hour each included Learning & Retention skills, Grammar & Vocabulary, Reading and Elementary English Language skills, Cyber Crime Awareness, Awareness campaign on animal welfare, Safe and Unsafe Touch, Cultivating team spirit, DIY Bag Making workshop among others. Eight teachers and 42 students benefited from this initiative that was conducted by student and faculty volunteers and SIBC members.