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Sneha Govandi Project 2016-17

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Adult Literacy Drive
Personal Development Workshop for Sneha’s Nurse-Aide Students

Dr. Padma Rangan and Dr. Lata Krishnan conducted Personal Development Workshop under the project (Adult Literacy Drive where they delivered sessions in the Personal Development Workshop for the students enrolled in SNEHA’S Nurse Aide Program. SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action.) The aim of SNEHA is to work for women and girls and to ensure Healthy Women and Children for a Healthy Urban World.

Sessions were conducted on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month during the month’s of August, September and October 2016 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Govandi centre. (Below the Mankhurd flyover) Ms. Ujwala Bapat was the Progeram Coordinator.

The following modules were taught:

  • Spoken English Skills- Communication (1 hour at the beginning of every module)
  • How to study (Module II)
  • Grooming & Etiquette (Module III)
  • Time & Stress Management (Module IV)
  • How to write a CV (Module V)
  • How to prepare for an interview (Module VI)
  • Revision and Practical sessions (Module VII)

Twenty-five students participated in workshop organized at the Govandi Centre. Each student was given a 100 pages long book, a ball pen and a Hindi to English dictionary. The course content for the Personal Development workshop was designed by Dr. Lata Krishnan and delivered to the students by Dr. Padma Rangan and Dr. Lata Krishnan using various methods of teaching such as dramatization, role play, games, group discussions, presentations and worksheet writing.

Teaching and empowering young girls and enabling them with skills to become good Nurse-aides was a gratifying experiences for Dr. Padma Rangan and Dr. Lata Krishnan. The SNEHA center appreciated this contribution with a ‘thank you card.’