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Session 2 of Adult Literacy Programme 2017-18

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Session 2 on the 8th August, 2017 (Tuesday)

In the second session of the ALD, the learner profile was carried out in details. All the students were asked to write out their name, contact details, address and their educational qualifications along with attaching a passport sized photograph.

This helped us to categorise our students into 3 groups

  • Education below 10th std – These include those who have had no education or have had some form of schooling.
  • Education level of SSC or HSC – They include those ALD students who have either completed their 10th or the 12th Board exams.
  • College level education – These include those students who have studied or completed their undergraduation.

The result was as follows:

Most of the students, whatever be their qualification, were not able to speak in English and their main aim in joining the ALD was to improve their spoken English.

Skill Development Modules
The ALD students were asked to choose between learning Computer Skills or the Basic Beautician course so that we may plan how to provide them with skills which will be beneficial for them.

The result was as follows:

Each student was asked to come in front of the class and introduce themselves and name their talents. The focus was on teaching the following structure:

  1. Good afternoon. My name is __________.
  2. I have _____ children, _______ son(s) and ________ daughters(s).
  3. I like __________ and _________ .
  4. Thank you.

Recitation of a Prayer
The session ended with all the students reciting The Lord’s Prayer. The habit of recitation will ensure that the students not only learn a prayer but get used to speaking in English.

Dr. Wadikar and the students of PCER conduct the session

Students of ALD recite The Lord’s Prayer